Choosing Therapy Directory FAQs

Thank you for visiting the Choosing Therapy Directory. By beginning your search for a licensed therapist and mental health professional, you've taken a courageous first step in your journey toward improved mental health and wellness. We know it's not easy to ask for help but we want to make finding and connecting with a therapist as easy as possible. Below, you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I use the therapist directory?.

How To Use the Therapist Directory

Choosing Therapy's Therapist Directory enables you to filter therapists by state, specialty, availability, cost, experience, and language. Once you've narrowed down your list of potential therapists based on the filters, you can learn more about each therapist by reviewing their profiles and videos. Ultimately, you'll be able to use the Therapist Directory to schedule an appointment with the therapist you're most comfortable working with.

Here's how the Choosing Therapy Directory works:

1. Enter Your State

Therapists (which include psychologists, family therapists, clinical social workers, counselors, and other licensed mental health professionals) are only allowed to see clients that live in the states where the therapist is licensed. All the therapists on the Choosing Therapy Platform provide video therapy (sometime referred to as online therapy or teletherapy). For this reason, the physical location of the therapist's office doesn't impact who you're able to work with. When searching for a therapist in the directory, select the state you live in from the dropdown menu under "State."

2. Select the Specialty

After entering your State, we suggest that you choose a specialty. Some individuals or couples come to therapy with a very specific idea of what they are looking for help, like an eating disorder or couples communication. However, many people want to make changes in their life but do not specifically know what is holding them back. If this is your situation, you can leave the specialty as “Anxiety & Depression” which will give you a broad selection of therapists. A good therapist will work with you to figure what is holding you back and develop a path forward.

3. Select Your Language

Our Therapist Directory defaults to English. So if English is your first language, you will not need to use this filter. However, Choosing Therapy Directory features many bilingual and multilingual therapists. Whether you're looking for a Spanish speaking therapist, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, ASL, or another language - you'll be able to find a therapist you can speak with using the "Languages" filter.

4. Select a Couple Potential Times

The Choosing Therapy Directory is unique in that it enables you to search therapists by the times they are available to see patients. One of the biggest barriers to getting therapy is finding a therapist that is accepting new patients and has availability at a convenient time. Rather than having visitors waste time and energy reaching out to therapists that don’t have availability, Choosing Therapy enables you to search by the day of week and time of day that works best for you. When you pick a date and a time of day, you'll be able to see the number of therapists available by hour. When you click on the hour, the profiles for the therapists available at that time will show.

5. Refine Your Search with Budget & Experience Level

Choosing Therapy's Therapist Directory lets you to refine your search by cost and experience. We understand these are important factors in picking a therapist. However, limiting your therapist search based on the lowest cost or most experience may limit your choice of available therapists. We recommend that you first select “All” for both of these categories before narrowing the search.

6. How to Choose Between Therapists

One of the most critical factors in choosing a therapist is finding someone you can develop a high level of trust. We suggest you take a look at several profiles and see who you have an initial positive feeling toward. The full profiles of therapists provide information on both their personalities, approaches to therapy, and professional backgrounds. The profile pages feature videos and pictures of the therapists so you can better get to know them before booking an appointment. You can also see if they've published relevant articles on

7. Schedule Your First Therapy Appointment

Once you've found a therapist that you're comfortable with and has availability at a day and time that's convenient to you, you can click "Book Now" to schedule your first therapy appointment. At that point, you'll leave the Choosing Therapy Directory and be directed to the therapist's online scheduling and onboarding platform. Within minutes you'll have your appointment booked and completed all the necessary paperwork you would normally fill out in the therapist's office or waiting room.

Don't Know Who To Choose? Choose A Free Consultation!

If you're ready to begin therapy but are finding choosing a therapist to be a little overwhelming, we're here to help. Sign up for a free consultation. Talk to one of our licensed mental health professionals about what you're hoping to get out therapy and what you're looking for in a therapist. They'll use that information to offer 2-3 good options.