Therapist FAQ - Choosing Therapy Platform

The Choosing Therapy Platform is a "practice in a box" solution for therapists looking to launch or grow a video-based private practice. Before deciding if the Choosing Therapy Platform is right for your practice, let us answer a few of the most common questions we receive from therapists.


Choosing Therapy handles the business aspect of running your therapy practice, allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on client care. We will provide services related to marketing, client onboarding, scheduling, billing, and general customer service. The table below outlines what services Choosing Therapy provides and what services therapists provide to clients.

Choosing Therapy Platform Management Services

No, you will not need to complete a 1099 tax form, because you are not an independent contractor. You are your own private practitioner, and essentially hiring Choosing Therapy to provide management services for your practice.

Choosing Therapy services are designed to fill your calendar with recurrent clients. We request recurrent hours of availability in order to simplify the booking process for prospective clients. With the calendar sync capability of our therapist profiles, it is easy to make short term changes to availability. If something comes up during one of your available times, all you need to do is mark it on the calendar you have synched with the directory and it will take it that time off of your available appointments listed on your profile. If longer term schedule changes are needed, please log in to our directory and adjust your availability from the main weekly calendar.

Clients can only book appointments with at least 12 hours notice. 

You will be notified of newly scheduled appointments via email. 

You will also see new appointments populate  the calendar in the Choosing Therapy EHR from OnCall as well as whatever personal calendar (Google or Outlook) you've synched with the EHR. 

Clients will be informed of a 24 hour cancellation policy, and that they will be charged a full session fee upon a late cancel or no-show to an appointment. As the provider however, you will have control of whether a client will be charged for these occurrences. You can choose to charge the full amount, some portion, or not charge at all based on specific circumstances.

Choosing Therapy has carefully selected and designed individual and couples intake forms that are comprehensive, and cover the content therapists typically gather prior to an initial appointment. We have also developed practice policies, privacy policies, and consent forms that have each been reviewed and approved by our lawyer for the states we provide the platform in. For the ease and simplicity of our client onboarding process, we request that you allow us to use our forms to onboard your clients quickly and efficiently. If you would like to request to use your own forms however, you can do so by contacting our platform support email.

Choosing Therapy is utilizing OnCall Health for its EHR system. This EHR comes with Zoom Healthcare, the HIPAA compliant video version of Zoom. Both the EHR and the Zoom Healthcare are included in the basic services offered by Choosing Therapy. 

Choosing Therapy will take care of all billing matters, including collecting billing information, collecting payment after each session, monitoring unpaid invoices, and requesting updated card information from clients as needed.

Choosing Therapy makes every effort to ensure that client invoices are paid. We collect credit card information up front, and bill clients promptly after each session. If despite these efforts, a client invoice goes unpaid, we will request new credit card information from them. We will alert you of this, so that you can choose whether to continue scheduling the client. If we are unable to secure new payment for the client and an invoice for a session goes unpaid, Choosing Therapy will not be able to pay you for that session.

Choosing Therapy will collect fees on a per session basis from your clients on your behalf. We will pay you the total amount collected, less our management fees, two times per month. You will be paid via direct deposit, and will receive a summary of services provided with each payment.

As it is your own practice, you as the therapist will respond to requests for records, letters regarding treatment, completion of client forms regarding treatment, etc. It is your decision whether to meet these requests, as you will determine clinical appropriateness of doing so.

Clients will have viewed your directory profile prior to booking, including information about your specialties, treatment approaches, fees, etc. We feel this serves as a first level of gatekeeping, as a great deal of information is provided to the potential client, allowing them to make an informed choice of therapist. Prior to booking, clients will also need to confirm that they are age 18 or older and not in crisis, in order to proceed to your appointment page. Upon booking we will also be collecting credit card information, serving as an additional level of gatekeeping.

With your directory profile serving as such a wealth of information to clients, we feel that clients who choose to book an appointment with you will be well aware of your services and personality, and have a high likelihood of being well matched. We ask that you see clients for initial sessions as scheduled, and evaluate them for appropriateness for your care and services. If at any time you feel you cannot ethically meet the needs of a particular client, please contact us and we will assist you in options for referring the client to another therapist.

We recommend documenting within the Choosing Therapy EHR by OnCall at the conclusion of each session, however you are your own private practice, and can decide how to best document your sessions.

You will need an NPI number in order for Choosing Therapy to create Super Bills for your clients. Super BIlls allow clients to potentially bill their out of network benefits through their insurance. We are taking private pay only at this time, and this is a way for clients to potentially still use their insurance benefits for sessions. You will technically not need an NPI number until one of your clients requests a Super Bill. However, NPI numbers are very easy to obtain, and are good to have as a practicing clinician. You can apply for an NPI (a brief and easy process) through this site:

Clients will search for therapists by availability, and your availability will only show if you have your calendar synched to your profile. Additionally, in order for potential clients to view your current availability and book an appointment with you directly from your profile, you will need to synch a calendar. Although your calendar will be synched with your profile, Choosing Therapy will not have access to what is written in your calendar. We will only be able to read from your calendar whether or not you are available within the times you have given us as availability.

Yes, you will need malpractice insurance, as you are operating as your own private practice. Choosing Therapy requires therapists on the platform to have professional malpractice liability insurance that maintains coverage limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000, and is in accordance with applicable state insurance requirements. Choosing Therapy also recommends that therapists verify that their policy covers clinical services provided via telehealth.

While not required, we find that clients are much more likely to book an initial appointment with a therapist who has a video for them to view. A video(s) essentially serves as an “initial consultation” for clients, and is your opportunity to provide potential clients with enough information about you that they would feel comfortable booking a first appointment with you, without first needing to speak/consult with you. We do this in order to remove as many barriers as possible from clients booking an initial appointment. Due to this, we request at least a basic introduction video from our Platform therapists. However, additional videos make your profile stronger, and can cover topics such as your specialties, modalities, what a first appointment with you looks like, how you help clients meet their goals, etc. 

More information on how to create your video can be found here.

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