Guide to Completing Your Profile

Your free Choosing Therapy profile is an opportunity to market your unique skills, specialties, approach, and personality to potential clients.

Creating a complete profile will take 60-90 minutes and will allow you to:

  • Fill more of your open appointments with well-matched clients
  • Book first sessions without a free consultation: your videos, profile, and articles, effectively serve as the “consultation”
  • Increase your client retention rate: clients will get to know you prior to beginning therapy, which means they're less likely to end up “therapist hopping”

Important Note About Profile Content

Please create unique content for this profile, rather than copy profile information from an existing profile. Don't copy content from your Psychology Today or another similar listing that already exists. It is important that your Choosing Therapy Profile is unique so that we can effectively advertise your practice and fill your calendar!

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Most Common Questions: Photos, Blurbs, & Work Experience

For help with Profile Videos, click here.

How To Add Photos, Answer Profile Questions, & Describe Your Work History

The following guidelines will help walk you through the 3 most asked about sections of your profile. Please contact us if you get stuck or have any questions as you go through this information!

For examples of complete profiles, check out the pages of Melissa Boudin, Michelle Friedman, and Lauren Eavarone.

1. Pictures

We will need at least one headshot picture for your profile.

Tips for a Great Headshot
  • Use a plain/clean background (viewers' eyes should be on you)
  • Be mindful of body language and keep it open and friendly (ex: don't lean too far back or cross your arms tightly)
  • Make sure you have a lot of light for a clean/crisp photo
  • Relax your jaw for a more natural smile
  • Be mindful of posture, keeping your shoulders back and your chin forward
  • Wear the same style of clothing you would during a therapy session

Note: Try not to use the screen-side camera typically used for selfies. On most smart phones that's a lower quality camera and will result in a lower quality image (especially true for older phones).

Additional pictures will serve to strengthen your profile. We recommend 3-5 pictures, which can include:

  • Headshots (A full face picture)
  • Full length photo
  • Your office or home office
  • You at work/working or in a work/professional environment
  • A professional accomplishment (receiving an award, presenting on a topic, etc)
  • Meme (a quote, phrase, or mantra on a photo/image that represents you/your practice)

2. Profile Questions

Answer three questions from our profile question options, including one question from each topic area: Personality, Approach, and Professional Outlook/Background.

Your responses should be well thought out and about a paragraph long. Keep these things in mind when responding:

  • Think of speaking to your “ideal” client when responding, and aim to respond to questions in a way that speaks to your potential client’s needs.
  • Respond in a way that showcases your personality and style.
  • Be descriptive but concise.

Remember: These responses are an opportunity for you to begin connecting with potential clients and building rapport prior to meeting them. This rapport/connection can increase the chances of a well-matched, high return rate client booking an initial appointment with you.

3. Work History

Please write a brief, paragraph style summary of your experience. This is not meant to be a resume-style listing of experience. This section is a chance for you to highlight your unique experience and how it has shaped your clinical practice.

A few tips for your work history section include:

  • Write your work experience in a way that highlights where your areas of expertise and specialties were developed
  • Avoid writing your work history in a resume format or using resume language
  • Use language that speaks as though written to a potential client and is simple to understand (limit clinical jargon)

The written elements of your profile are very important for potential clients to be able to learn more about you and get comfortable with you. The Choosing Therapy Directory also enables you to add profile videos. These videos are highly affective at encouraging the perfect clientele to schedule a first appointment. Learn more about profile videos here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at: