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Cere DemuthMA, LMHC



In Pacific Time

Jan 23-29
10:00 AM11:00 AM12:00 PM
  • Specializing in: Depression, Anxiety, Attachment issues, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Fee: $175 per video session
  • 30 years of experience

What impact did the scope and/or focus of your education have on your current work as a therapist?

My initial training created a solid foundation for my clinical work, but it was my post-graduate education in psychodynamic therapy and ongoing consultation that truly shaped my work with both adults and children. The therapeutic relationship became my tool and other techniques became secondary. All of it serving a purpose in a healing process that would be life changing and lasting. The goal being to understand and care for oneself; to create a life that feels whole, authentic and fulfilling.

What do you view as a key component of the therapeutic relationship?

The key to a successful therapeutic relationship is trust. Trust takes time and is a two way street. You will be getting to know me and my style of working as I get to know you, your history, your feelings and needs. Attuning to you and your needs in our sessions and understanding you is the most important component of being able to help. We will be working together, as a team, figuring out how you can best reach your goals.

What does a first session with you look like?

A first session with me looks like me listening carefully to understand you and what is happening for you right now. I hope too have you answer the question as to why are you here for therapy at this time? Why do you feel therapy will help now? What has your experience in therapy been like in the past, or is this new? But, most of the first session (and subsequent sessions), I will listen to you talk about your thoughts and feelings. I will work to understand you and see if we can make a plan to move forward that meets your needs. I will let you lead. I will listen, reflect, ask a few questions, and do my best to answer any questions you have of me. We will meet for 50 minutes, unless you request a 90 minute initial appointment. After the first appointment, if you feel I am a good fit for you, we will set up another appointment. Generally, I meet with clients weekly, but sometimes twice a week or biweekly depending on your specific needs. All my sessions are client centered. I look forward to to meeting with you.

Work History

I have worked in the mental health field since the early 90’s. I worked in community mental health initially, but have been in private practice since 1997. I have specialized in play therapy with young children affected by trauma as well as treated teens and adults in issues related to trauma and addiction. My approach is psychodynamic and I believe people heal with compassion, time, tools, and a safe therapeutic relationship. I provide consultation to other psychotherapists as well as parents, teachers and others in need of short term work. To learn more about me go to my website @ www.ceredemuth.com



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Adults (25-65)


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Play Therapy Certification

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DBT level 1 Certification

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WA, LMHC, LH00005957


Master’s in Psychology, Antioch University, Seattle, WA


Remote Therapist , Edmonds , 98026, WA