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What’s the most profound, insightful, or interesting thing you’ve learned as a mental health professional?

The first thing that comes to mind when answering this question is the word “resilient”. Throughout my career as a mental health professional, I’ve come to find out time and time again that we are all capable of resiliency no matter who we are. We each have the capability to heal, and grow from the difficult experiences life has tested us with. I’ve had the honor of working with many different individuals from all walks of life, of all different backgrounds, and of all different ages who I’ve been able to see grow and prosper throughout our time in therapy. Whether it was a young child who just lost a family member, a teen who struggled with their self-body image, a young adult dealing with the stress of college, an adult struggling with their sexual or gender identity, or a senior who has dealt with significant trauma in their past, one thing I’ve come to learn is that all these individuals no matter what the challenge may have been, were still able to overcome these difficulties with the hope that healing is possible.

What do you view as a key component of the therapeutic relationship?

I view trust as a key component of the therapeutic relationship, as well as the overall foundation of all relationships within our lives. The definition of trust entails “believing in the reliability of someone or something” and in my opinion without this belief, therapy is not effective. I want my clients to know that they can rely on me for any of their emotional needs, and I am willing to invest in as much time as it takes for them to trust me. I cannot expect my clients to share their personal thoughts, emotions, or feelings with me if trust cannot be established between us both. I want my clients to always know that upholding their trust is of upmost importance to me.

In what ways have your personal experiences influenced your work with your clients?

When I was younger, I struggled with emotional stressors which at the time seemed to overpower my everyday life. I sought out the help I needed to be able to overcome those emotional stressors by going to therapy, as I’m sure most of you are choosing to do right now when coming to this platform. My experience within therapy paved the way for the work I do as a therapist with my own clients. I remember how safe my therapist made me feel and how open she was within our sessions. I remember the feeling of finally beginning to heal and overcome the emotional stressors I brought into therapy. This experience has always stood as a reminder for what I want my clients to experience when they work with me. I want my clients to recognize that though I am professionally trained to help them, I too was on the other side of the therapeutic relationship as a client and I know how skeptical one may feel about therapy. I want my clients to come out of our sessions feeling just as safe, open and accepted as my therapist had done for me all those years ago.


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Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling, Baruch College

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Queens College

Work History

My career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor began in 2016 working predominantly with the Latinx population within my hometown of Queens, NY. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals of all different ages including children, adolescents, adults and seniors.The knowledge and skills I've developed while working with these populations allowed me to strengthen my role as a therapist working with a variety of different people as well as mental health concerns. My workplace experience has included working in a college setting as both a counselor and adjunct lecturer working primarily with the LGBTQIA population on campus as well as my most recent work in the private practice sector. With each new work experience I've been able to expand my skills as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and thus far have had experience with individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, as well as training and supervising future mental health professionals. I am hoping to be able to bring the skills I've developed overtime to those of you coming to the Choosing Therapy platform and making the brave decision to seek out the support you need.


Hunter Street, Long Island City, 11101, NY