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In what ways does your personality influence your approach to therapy?

I am very much a Type A personality, which I whole heartedly embrace, and feel it greatly influences my therapy style with clients in a positive way. I’m extremely outgoing and welcoming, creating a safe space for therapeutic work to take place. I am direct as not to allow room for miscommunication or misunderstanding throughout this important process. I utilize my sense of humor because laughter is the best medicine, and in times of distress it’s important to find laughter wherever we can.

What is your style/approach to therapy?

One size does not fit all in therapy. We are all unique individuals with our own story to tell and therefore therapy needs to be an individualized approach as well. My style and approach are very collaborative with the client, based on their current awareness, needs and goals. In addition, I am eclectic with different modalities of therapy such as CBT, Mindfulness, Solution Focused, and Strengths Based. I focus on the importance of overall wellness – in mind and body.

What does a first session with you look like?

First sessions are sometimes scary, so my primary focus is ensuring you feel comfortable and safe. My goal is to break down any misconceptions about therapy you may have and begin to form our therapeutic relationship. So much of therapy is finding the right therapist for you, so I encourage you to feel in control of this session, sharing what you feel is most important, or whatever you’re comfortable sharing right away. Such may include, your current coping skills, or lack thereof, how you want to be guided through this process, what your goals are and any questions you may have about the therapeutic process. We can then begin to form a treatment plan, together, which will always have room for updates as our time together continues.



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Young Adults (18-24)

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Treatment Approaches / Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Training / Certifications

ACHP-SW (Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Worker)


FL, LCSW, SW 15377


Master of Social Work, Social Work, Youngstown State University

Work History

Throughout my career, I have been able to guide people in a variety of different settings and situations, which is exactly what Social Work is all about. I began my career at an adult dual-diagnosis residential facility for substance abuse and mental health. From there, I took a giant leap and transitioned into a role with Hospice working directly with patients and their families. After three years in the Hospice field, I transferred over to the bereavement department where I now provide grief and loss support to the entire community as well as our Hospice patients and families. In my work I run many bereavement support groups, as well as other psychoeducation groups that I have created and developed. I am passionate about advocating and educating all things mental health and wellness. Two years ago, I opened my private practice, to continue to reach as many people as I can in multiple capacities. Within my practice I am focusing my work on the mind body connection and overall wellness. I recently became a certified yoga teacher and plan to integrate yoga within this therapeutic process.


501 N. Goodlette Frank Rd., Unit C210, Naples, 34102, FL