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What does a first session with you look like?

During our sessions, you can expect a truly transformative experience that will empower and enrich your life. Here are some powerful takeaways you can look forward to: Empowerment: Together, we'll ignite your inner strength, helping you take control of your mental well-being. You'll feel empowered to embrace life's challenges with newfound confidence and determination. Emotional Mastery: We'll delve deep into your emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and self-awareness. You'll gain the ability to navigate your feelings with ease and make conscious choices that align with your true self. Personal Growth: Unlock your full potential as we work on your personal development. You'll witness remarkable growth, overcoming limitations and discovering new horizons in both your personal and professional life. Resilience: Strengthen your resilience as we equip you with practical coping strategies. Embrace life's uncertainties with a newfound sense of inner strength, bouncing back from setbacks with grace and courage. Thriving Relationships: Discover the secrets to nurturing meaningful and fulfilling relationships. You'll master effective communication, build stronger connections, and foster harmony in your personal and social interactions. Unshakable Confidence: As your self-esteem blossoms, you'll exude unshakable confidence in all aspects of your life. Embrace your true worth and walk with your head held high, ready to seize life's opportunities. Healing and Release: We'll facilitate emotional healing, helping you release past burdens and emotional wounds. Experience a profound sense of liberation, allowing you to embrace the present and future with a lighter heart. Goal Conquering: Witness the realization of your dreams as we set achievable goals together. Empowered with clarity and motivation, you'll take decisive steps towards achieving the life you desire. Resourceful Problem-Solving: Develop an innovative and resourceful approach to problem-solving. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, equipped with powerful problem-solving skills. Self-Discovery: Our sessions will be an expedition of self-discovery, unveiling the authentic you. As you understand your beliefs, values, and desires on a deeper level, you'll step into a more purpose-driven life. As your dedicated mental health ally, I'm committed to unleashing your true potential and guiding you towards a more fulfilling and joyful life. Together, we'll embark on a journey of transformation, unleashing the power within you to thrive and conquer life's challenges. Let's begin this remarkable journey of self-discovery and growth together.

What is your style/approach to therapy?

As a dedicated mental health professional, I employ a diverse range of evidence-based treatment methods and tools tailored to your unique needs and goals. Here are some of the powerful therapeutic approaches you can expect in our sessions: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT helps you identify and modify negative thought patterns and behaviors. By challenging unhelpful beliefs, we'll empower you to foster positive change and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Psychodynamic Therapy: Through psychodynamic therapy, we'll explore the unconscious processes that influence your thoughts and behaviors. This approach facilitates deeper self-awareness and emotional healing. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT): SFBT focuses on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Together, we'll set specific, achievable goals, guiding you towards a more positive future. Mindfulness-Based Techniques: Mindfulness practices enhance your awareness of the present moment, reducing stress and fostering emotional resilience. We'll integrate mindfulness exercises to promote self-awareness and inner peace. Experiential Therapy: Engaging in experiential activities allows you to process emotions and experiences in a hands-on manner. These dynamic techniques promote personal growth and emotional healing. Person-Centered Therapy: I adopt a client-centered approach, where you are the expert of your own experiences. We'll work collaboratively, building a strong therapeutic alliance, and honoring your unique needs and perspectives. Strengths-Based Approach: Identifying and harnessing your strengths and resources is crucial to your growth. Together, we'll emphasize your strengths, fostering a positive self-concept and resilience. Narrative Therapy: Through storytelling, we'll explore the stories you tell yourself and how they shape your experiences. This approach allows for the reauthoring of narratives and the embracing of empowering perspectives. Integrative Approach: Tailoring our sessions to your specific needs, I integrate various therapeutic modalities to create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan. Emotional Regulation Techniques: We'll work on emotional regulation strategies to help you manage intense emotions effectively and improve emotional well-being. Each therapeutic method and tool serves a unique purpose, all aiming to promote your growth, healing, and well-being. I'm committed to providing you with the most effective and supportive treatment to help you achieve your goals. Our journey together will be marked by compassion, empathy, and a dedication to unlocking your true potential. Let's embark on this transformative path of healing and growth together.





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Frequently Asked Questions About Joel Makin, LMHC

It’s not uncommon to have questions before starting therapy. Joel Makin, LMHC, has answered a few of the questions they receive most often from new clients.

Is Joel Makin accepting new clients?

Yes, Joel Makin is accepting new clients for online therapy in Indiana.

Does Joel Makin accept insurance?

Yes, Joel Makin accepts insurance, including Cigna, Cigna EAP and UnitedHealthCare (UHC).

Does Joel Makin offer in-person appointments?

No, but people in Indiana can book Joel Makin for virtual appointments (teletherapy).

Does Joel Makin offer online therapy?

Yes, Joel Makin offers online therapy via video sessions and phone sessions to people in Indiana.

How quickly can I see Joel Makin?

Joel Makin typically can speak with new clients within 48 hours. You can see their current general office hours and request an appointment on their profile page.

What languages does Joel Makin speak?

Joel Makin conducts therapy sessions in English.

Can I book an appointment with Joel Makin online?

Yes, you can easily book an appointment with Joel Makin online using Choosing Therapy’s directory.