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What’s the most profound, insightful, or interesting thing you’ve learned as a mental health professional?

That we are as similar as we are different. Both profoundly matter.

If you could pick one movie or book that influenced your approach to therapy, what would it be and why?

In 1980, as a sophomore in the Department of Social Welfare at California State University, Long Beach, I was essentially changed by the film “Ordinary People.” The portrayal of a psychologist using a direct therapeutic style, his compassion for his client’s resilience, the willingness to grow with his client, and the absolute focus on him set me up for success. In fact, several years ago a client said to me, with minor annoyance, “You remind me of Judd Hirsch in “Ordinary People.” I was very pleased.

What does a first session with you look like?

A first session with me is always viewed as a single session. This means that I may have just this one chance to give you something; an insight, an idea, a new perspective perhaps, that you didn’t have when you came in.



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MSW University of California, Los Angeles, BSW California State University, Long Beach,

Work History

Change—both expected and wanted or the complete opposite—affects us all, and we cope with it in varying ways. Traumatic events, for example, are never planned and often require new strategies to effectively navigate a world that may no longer feel as safe as it once had. The impact of loss, anticipated or not, deeply affects individuals, families and couples. My clinical practice is built on an investment in encouraging one’s own narrative expression of the human experience, identifying skills and strategies for living one’s best life, and providing a secure and caring place in which to grow and love change. In my 25+ years as a Clinical Social Worker, I have engaged in a number of practices related to the mental health needs of adults from ages 18-99. My areas of expertise in multiple settings using multiple approaches include but are not limited to: Anxiety and depression, coping with a loved one’s illness, the LGBTQ experience, living well with ongoing medical/mental health conditions, the quest for job satisfaction, life after trauma and loss, harm reduction/recovery from alcohol and marijuana,, embracing life transitions, and the aging experience.


212 Richardson Street, Grass Valley, 95945, CA