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If there was one thing you wish people knew about the therapy experience who might be hesitant to try it, what would that be?

The thought of therapy can sometimes seem a little scary or intimidating, especially for individuals for whom it is a new experience. The one reassuring thought I would like people to know is that Therapy sessions are tailored to the unique needs, personality and interests of each individual.. We move at your pace, discussing only what you feel comfortable discussing. It's always ok to say, "I'm not comfortable talking about that right now" and that will be respected. Think of therapy as simply a conversation that can help you to feel supported and validated and from which you can walk away with greater insight, self awareness, and helpful ideas for strategies to try.

How do you determine therapy goals with clients? What does that process look like?

My therapeutic approach is client centered and strengths based which means that to provide a meaningful therapeutic experience for you, therapy goals are determined by the changes you would like to make, the ideas and questions you would like to explore, and the skills you would like to learn. We can then work together to identify, build upon and broaden the strengths you already possess to help you move past challenges towards sustainable change.

In what ways does your personality influence your approach to therapy?

My personality is reflected in my warm and caring demeanor and my commitment to providing a compassionate and non-jugemental culture of care for the individuals I work with. My passion for helping others is driven by my fundamental belief that all individuals deserve to feel respected, accepted and "heard." As such, my clinical approach to therapy is client centered and starts with building a trusting relationship so that we may work together to help you attain the quality of life that you desire and deserve.




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MSW, Columbia University

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Since entering the field of Social Work over 30+ years ago, I have had the pleasure of working with people from all walks of life and the privilege of joining them on their personal journeys as they learn to cope with the challenges of anxiety, depression, interpersonal and relationship issues, grief and loss, health issues, life transitions, bi-polar disorder, work stress, trauma, and chronic mental health conditions. Through positions in both the public and private sectors, I have enjoyed opportunities to work in a variety of settings including private practice, community mental health, adult mobile crisis, school and college settings, health care and non-profit prevention programs.


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