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What does a first session with you look like?

A first session with me is relaxed and a get to know each other session. I will ask questions about the person's interests, likes and dislikes. Finding a common ground or similarities in likes helps to build that connection and trust between the therapist and client. When there is a level of trust it's easier for a person to be able to be vulnerable and share the reasons or events that brought that person into therapy.

What do you think is the biggest barrier today for people seeking care?

One of biggest barriers I feel, that people have in seeking therapy is being vulnerable. Being vulnerable can be a very uncomfortable feeling, especially with someone that you don't know. When a person has been turned away for being vulnerable in the past, it makes it even harder for that person to be vulnerable again. That's why I do my best to make sure the person feels welcomed, heard, and acknowledged, so that person will find what they are seeking for in therapy.

How do you determine therapy goals with clients? What does that process look like?

Creating a treatment plan is a collaborative approach. Together the client and myself will discuss what the person is looking for in therapy and together create a plan that will help that person reach that goal. Together the client and I will break down that larger goal into smaller goals or steps so that goal can be achieved. As the client and I work together, we will periodically review and reflect on the goals to measure progress and make sure that goal is still what that person wants. Sometimes a goal will change as the person begins to unpack and dive into the reasons they first sought out therapy.




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