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Is there any research-based work you’ve done that you found particularly exciting, and how has that informed your practice today?

I've researched topics including the genetic factors of musicianship, ADHD, and spirituality. Each topic revolves around free-will and I find them fascinating. I think by entering therapy, an individual seeks their way back from anxiety, depression or other negative feelings.

What is your style/approach to therapy?

I utilize evidence based treatments from cognitive and mindfulness perspectives. While therapy is evolving today and ongoing, gaining more control of our emotions can make exponential differences in our lives. I will teach you what I know as opposed to me being like an almighty talk-show-host on a bigger chair. I can show you how to create models to deal with negative emotions on your own. I will also show you how to reduce your negative emotions and change them into more positive ones. On the other hand, I can show you how to do some great mind-training/mindfulness and meditation techniques.

In what ways have your personal experiences influenced your work with your clients?

When I was in my youth I had a negative experience with a therapist and developed strong negative opinions about therapy. I felt this way about therapy until I later met a therapist that helped me not only gain awareness and insight to my challenges but helped me to create my own practical changes in my life.





Anger management


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Academic challenges


Abuse/Survivors of abuse

Adolescent mental health

Autism spectrum disorder

Creative blocks & writer's block

Identity development



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Individual Therapy

Types of Therapy

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Young Adults (18-24)

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Treatment Approaches / Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Existential Therapy

Positive Psychology

Psychodynamic Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Training / Certifications

I was taught by a direct student of Albert Ellis (Creator of CBT/REBT) and by the student of the last student of Sigmund Freud.


NY, LMHC, 010772


M.S. Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, Long Island University

B.S./B.A. St. Thomas Aquinas College. L.A. Rockland Community College

Work History

Freshly out of alternative high-school I entered college studying psychology and volunteering in lower-income communities. For 6 years I worked in the alternative education system, usually a one-to-one with a student for the day or weeks. Simultaneously wanting to be able to do more, I ventured to be psychotherapist. Along this path I worked with both young people and adults that initially displayed characteristics of severe mental illnesses. Applying he lessons given to me by the exclusive expertise of masters, I learned the art of psychotherapy and their teaching-model type nature, my clients did as well. Working over the past year, in direct formal talk-therapy, seeing over 30 clients a week (plus structured groups i designed), gave me the experience of living as a great psychotherapist.