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How do you determine therapy goals with clients? What does that process look like?

I believe that every individual is unique and it takes two to tango. I find that for the best results, this has to be a collaborative process and my client(s) need to be engaged in this therapeutic journey. In the initial session, I will ask my clients about their struggles and what the vision of their life in the future looks like. I will assist them in setting goals and throughout the therapeutic process I will continuously aide them in reaching these goals. Each session I will make sure to check-in with my client and provide them an opportunity to voice their progression or concerns. I am very open to adapting to any changes that are needed towards assisting my client because I do understand that life changes and so do circumstances. I also believe the process towards progression also occurs outside of the therapeutic sessions, therefore I will provide my clients skills to work on so that once a session is terminated they are able to use these skills for more long-term growth!

What excites you most about the evolving mental health landscape?

I am so excited, motivated, and beyond thankful that the mental health field is gaining a lot more awareness than ever before. I find that the stigma surrounding the mental health field in the past is progressively diminishing and individuals are now accepting the fact that if there is something they are struggling with, there are so many resources to find the assistance you need. I very much appreciate that more and more cultures are a lot more accepting to mental health now rather than pretending like it doesn't exist. I am very appreciative that I am able to assist individuals from different cultures deal with their struggles and change their lives for the better.

In what ways does your personality influence your approach to therapy?

I am well-known to have a very caring, positive, and optimistic personality type. I want my clients to feel safe and open with the struggles they are facing and have no doubts that they are not in this alone. I also like to think that laughter can be the best medicine and I want my clients to find happiness in the small and big things occurring in life.




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Social Anxiety

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Individual Session


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


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Crisis Prevention Intervention

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FL, LMHC, MH18517


M.S. in Mental Health Counseling at Nova Southeastern University

B.S. in Psychology and Sociology at Florida State University

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Hello and thank you for visiting my profile! I am a licensed mental health psychotherapist in Florida with over 5 years of experience involving multiple clinical private and community settings. Using my experience and knowledge helps me work through a lens that considers what effect our upbringing, social circle, work/school, and general life experiences have on our behavior, relationships, and overall feelings/emotions. My goal is to help individuals from all walks of life navigate through internal and external conflict to reach your full potential. My approach to the therapeutic dynamic is open, empathetic, and unbias. I encourage and guide my clients through being a part of their resolution as we identify and process their struggles together. There is no struggle too big or too small that they cannot overcome to lead a more fulfilling and joyful life. Reaching out for help can be understandably intimidating, but it is often through our fears and challenges that we make the biggest changes. I believe that supportive psychotherapy assisted with the appropriate techniques/interventions can be life-changing and life-saving!


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