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In what ways do your life philosophy and treatment philosophy overlap?

My philosophy in life is to never live with regret, but always learn from our experiences. This is the foundation of my therapeutic approach as well when we explore and examine who you have been, who you are today, and who you want to be in the future. Using past experiences as a reference point allows us to work on keeping the past where it belongs and become more present in our current state. As individuals, I believe it is our responsibility to ourselves to keep evolving, growing, and becoming the best version of ourselves as possible. This is not a destination, but an ongoing, fluid process.

If there was one thing you wish people knew about the therapy experience who might be hesitant to try it, what would that be?

I wish that people knew that therapy can be the hardest, but most important work, you can ever do in your life. It can be intimidating to think about change, but it can also allow you to create the life that you envision for yourself and allow you to let go of the past. It is the most invaluable, investment you will ever make and the best part is that once you have learned to invest in yourself, it can become a lifetime payout. Taking the time to identify your needs and create healthy life habits is something that everyone should do in life.

In what ways does your personality influence your approach to therapy?

My personality can be found throughout my sessions. Whether it is with a calming guided meditation, a recommendation on a new journaling activity, or just laughing...a lot of laughing! Although the therapeutic process can be very serious at times, I try to never take anything in life too seriously and encourage humor throughout the process. Finding ways to look at experiences through a new lens and with a renewed perspective are ongoing themes in my approach.




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IL, LCPC, 180010858


MEd. Counseling Psychology, Loyola University Chicago

Work History

I believe that the relationship between a client and therapist is unique. It requires a great deal of trust on the side of the client and an open and honest approach on the side of the therapist. For the last 18 years, I have worked with individuals and families in a school setting as well as in private practice. I have learned that everyone, even when part of a family system, has his or her own needs that can be met through a therapeutic relationship. My specialties include school related concerns such as school refusal, self-esteem, anxiety, executive functioning struggles, and other social emotional factors interfering with school success. In the realm of women's issues, I focus on work/life balance, stress management, anxiety and depression as well as transitions within relationships.


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