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Alyssa Seagraves Professional Counselor Intern

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Under Clinical Supervision

Alyssa Seagraves, Professional Counselor Intern, N/A is practicing under the supervision of Keiko Wolfe (Pennsylvania, LPC, PC007755) at Blossom Counseling and Wellness LLC.

Please, note: A clinician listed as being “clinically supervised” is completing clinical hours toward their licensure. They have one or more fully licensed clinical supervisors that often have special training to become supervisors. They consult with their supervisor(s) on all of their cases, which means that, when working with them, you are getting the time and expertise of multiple therapists in your treatment.

How does collaboration with other providers play into your work?

Collaboration with other providers plays a vital role in my practice, as it allows for a holistic and comprehensive approach to support each individual's journey towards healing and growth. I believe that mental health care often intersects with various aspects of a person's life, including physical health, nutritional needs, and social support systems, among others. Therefore, working closely with other health care providers, such as physicians, nutritionists, psychiatrists, and social workers, ensures that all aspects of an individual's well-being are considered and addressed. In practice, this collaboration might involve sharing insights and strategies with consent from the client to ensure continuity of care, discussing treatment plans to avoid overlapping therapies or contradictory approaches, and staying informed about any medical conditions or treatments that could impact mental health care. This teamwork approach helps create a supportive network around the individual, enhancing the effectiveness of therapy and promoting a more integrated path to wellness. Such collaboration not only enriches my understanding and approach as a therapist but also amplifies the support available to you, ensuring that your journey towards healing is nurtured from multiple dimensions. It's about building a cohesive strategy that honors the complexity of your experiences and aspirations, grounded in mutual respect and shared commitment among your care providers.

What do you think is the biggest barrier today for people seeking care?

One of the biggest barriers today for people seeking mental health care is the enduring stigma surrounding mental health issues. Despite growing awareness and understanding, many individuals still face societal and internalized stigma that can make it challenging to reach out for help. This stigma is often rooted in misconceptions about mental health, leading to feelings of shame, fear of judgment, or the belief that struggling with mental health is a sign of weakness. Additionally, practical barriers such as access to affordable care, finding the right therapist, and navigating insurance complexities can significantly hinder someone's ability to seek the support they need. These challenges are compounded for marginalized communities, where disparities in mental health services can be even more pronounced due to systemic inequalities. Overcoming these barriers requires a multi-faceted approach, including increasing mental health literacy, advocating for policy changes to improve access to care, and creating more inclusive and supportive communities. As a therapist, I strive to contribute to this effort by providing a compassionate and non-judgmental space where all individuals feel welcomed and supported in their journey towards healing.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

In my practice, I utilize a blend of evidence-based treatment methods and tools to address the unique needs and challenges of each individual. These include: 1. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): This approach is particularly effective for emotional regulation, reducing self-harm behaviors, and improving interpersonal relationships. DBT combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices, helping individuals to accept their experiences while working towards change. 2. Health at Every Size (HAES): HAES principles guide my work with individuals struggling with body image concerns. This approach focuses on promoting body positivity, intuitive eating, and physical activity based on enjoyment rather than weight control or appearance. 3. The Gottman Method: In working with relationship dynamics, I apply the Gottman Method to help couples enhance their connection, communication, and conflict resolution skills. This method is grounded in extensive research on marital stability and relationship satisfaction. 4. Mindfulness Practices: Mindfulness techniques are woven throughout my therapeutic approach, aiding in grounding, centering, and bringing awareness to the present moment. These practices can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and improve overall mental well-being. 5. Trauma-Informed Care: Understanding the pervasive impact of trauma, my approach is sensitive to the needs of those who have experienced trauma, creating a safe space for healing and empowerment. Each of these methods and tools is selected and tailored to best meet the needs of the individual, fostering an environment of growth, self-discovery, and resilience. My goal is to equip you with the strategies and insights necessary to navigate life's challenges and work towards your personal goals.





Body image issues

LGBTQIA related issues


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Social Anxiety

Gender identity & transgender health

Identity development

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Peer Relationships



First Session$130
Individual Therapy$130
Group Therapy$130

Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy


Young Adults (18-24)

Adults (25-65)

Adolescents (13-17)

Treatment Approaches / Modalities

Mindfulness Practices

Humanistic Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Motivational Interviewing

The Gottman Method


Immaculata University, Master of Arts, Counseling, 2023

Work History

In my years of counseling, I've journeyed alongside young adults and adults through their most challenging moments—be it trauma, struggles with body image, or navigating the complexities of LGBTQ+ identities. My expertise in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Health at Every Size (HAES) principles, and the Gottman Method wasn't just developed through formal education but honed in the heart of real-life stories and experiences shared by those I've had the privilege to support. Each story added a layer to my understanding and approach, teaching me the profound impact of creating a warm, empathetic space where individuals feel safe to unfold their stories. Whether it's harnessing the power of DBT to manage intense emotions, embracing HAES to cultivate body positivity, or applying the Gottman Method to enrich relationships, my practice is a tapestry woven from countless sessions of learning, growth, and connection. My work has always been driven by the belief that therapy is a collaborative journey. It's about walking hand-in-hand, reflecting back your strength, and guiding you towards not just healing, but thriving. So, when I talk about my work experience, it's really a story of the remarkable courage and resilience of those I've worked with, and how together, we've navigated the path towards healing and self-discovery.

Online Therapy

Office at 555 2nd Avenue, Collegeville, PA

Frequently Asked Questions About Alyssa Seagraves, PCI

It’s not uncommon to have questions before starting therapy. Alyssa Seagraves, PCI, has answered a few of the questions they receive most often from new clients.

Is Alyssa Seagraves accepting new clients?

Yes, Alyssa Seagraves is accepting new clients for online therapy in and in-person appointments at 555 2nd Avenue, B300, Collegeville, PA, 19426.

Does Alyssa Seagraves accept insurance?

No, Alyssa Seagraves does not accept insurance.

What types of therapy does Alyssa Seagraves offer?

Alyssa Seagraves offers therapy for groups and individuals.

Does Alyssa Seagraves offer in-person appointments?

Yes, Alyssa Seagraves offers in-person appointments at 555 2nd Avenue, B300, Collegeville, PA, 19426.

Does Alyssa Seagraves offer online therapy?

Yes, Alyssa Seagraves offers online therapy via video sessions to people in Pennsylvania.

How quickly can I see Alyssa Seagraves?

Alyssa Seagraves typically can speak with new clients within 48 hours. You can see their current general office hours and request an appointment on their profile page.

What languages does Alyssa Seagraves speak?

Alyssa Seagraves conducts therapy sessions in English.

Can I book an appointment with Alyssa Seagraves online?

Yes, you can easily book an appointment with Alyssa Seagraves online using Choosing Therapy’s directory.