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What was your path to becoming a therapist? What inspired you to choose this profession?

When deciding to pursue my masters in MFT I was also accepted into another masters program. I sat with my decision long and hard. Psychology has always been a passion of mine and understanding why we think and do the things we do has been something I've thought about alot growing up. I choose the therapy route because I feel that learning and working with my clients has given me a larger purpose as well as a greater understanding of myself as an individual. Working with my clients has been rewarding for not only them but for me as well.

In what ways have your personal experiences influenced your work with your clients?

Growing up with a single mom and then becoming one myself gave me insight of what it means to be independent and the struggles that come along with it. In life we all struggle with different things and what I have learned through my experiences is that trust is so important. Yes it is important to trust our loved ones, however the true trust comes from within. When you learn to trust yourself, your decisions, wants and needs the relationships you have within your life become more manageable and fulfilling.

What does a first session with you look like?

I use our 1st session as a get to know you and for you to get to know me. I consider myself completely transparent and willing to answer any questions that you may have about my practice or myself. We will set goals and discuss your needs. Each individual is different therefore each Intake session may be different. The main focus is making sure we are on the same page with clear goals and expectations of what you expect your sessions to look like.




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Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

Work History

I have been seeing clients for over 6 years. My degree speciality is couples however I have an even case load over the years working with couples and individuals ranging in age from 18-65. Some of the main areas of focus are on relationships - both with people and the things/events in our lives, as well as anxiety, depression and self esteem. I have been working remotely for the past 2 years and have had a great experience with tela-theray. I feel I have been able to make great connections with my clients and have seen wonderful progress.


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