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What is your style/approach to therapy?

With decades of experience in this speciality, I have many styles and approaches to therapy for those who sexually act out, but one thing that comes to mind right now is me helping clients remove their chaos and consequence creating self deception. In the service of their acting out their sexual misbehavior, my clients have deceived others, not a pretty fact, but the reality nonetheless, and they themselves often recognize that fact very easily. www.sexuallycompulsive.com What is less obvious to those with sexual misbehavior issue, is how they have been deceiving themselves in order to allow themselves to act out behaviors what will likely lead to painful consequences that are not even close to worth the risks the client was taking. Correcting this self deception, a narrow specific set of self deception type ideas around their sexual misbehavior, seems universally appreciated by my clients, as it is so directly connected to them learning how to not act these behaviors out. Please call me at 718-208-6135 for an appointment. James Foley 60 E 42nd St, New York, NY, 10165 www.sexuallycompulsive.com

In what ways does your personality influence your approach to therapy?

My personality influences my approach to therapy in that I am a direct but kind person, and often the client comes to me confused by their own sexual misbehaviors, and they show up to treatment needing to be met with a simple and direct style. A way of communicating that does not need much interpretation as to what the clinician is saying. As a person I have always been open, with no airs or pretensions, and this personality trait seems to help clients get their bearings after the chaos and or consequences that they recently made for themselves. My clients have engaged in chronic affairs, sexual. misconduct, illegal pornography, or other embarrassing behaviors that should be addressed by the clinician in a direct but compassionate style, which is typically how my personality has me interact with persons. My 24 years work at this specific issue, combined with my open and very direct personality style, in my opinion, seems to have very uncomfortable and feeling shame clients, gain trust in both my abilities at helping them, and their abilities to fix themselves and their life.

Are there any recurring themes or issues you’ve noticed as you treat people in your area of specialization, and how has this insight guided your approach?

I have noticed many themes in my 24 years as a clinical expert in sexual misbehavior. One theme I have seen recurring many times over these decades is that the persons acting out self destructive sexual behaviors seem to have the illusion that they at that moment are being selfish. My superior experience does not lead me to believe my clients have a problem with being selfish. My decades at this specific work has recognize my clients are being self destructive while they are telling themselves, in so many words, that they are being self indulgent. It is interesting that without help, many clients, despite their status as very bright, well paid, high functioning persons who problem solve all day, miss this obvious distinction.


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Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist Ohio University

Certified Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor University of Louisville

Full Clinical Member (National) Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Full Clinical Member NY Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Full Clinical Member NJ Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers


CA, LCSW, LCSW101416

NY, LCSW, R059367-1

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Fordham University CLINICAL Program MSW /Psychotherapist Program

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I bring 24 years of Expert, Elite, Speciality, Highly Trained, Experience in clinical treatment of Sexual Misbehavior to help you or your loved one stop creating painful consequences with their sexual behaviors. I have an specialist, non-insurance, self pay practice, a higher quality sexual misbehavior treatment for clients who want the much higher level of skills, knowledge and sexual misbehavior specialist insight that over two decades of my experience in this issue can offer. My clients are often high functioning successful men accustomed to superior services and results. With over a quarter century & 40k hours of expert treatment for sexual misbehavior provided, I give you an evidence based, research oriented expert level treatment. I see clients for... Chronic Affairs “Sex Addiction”/ Out of Control Sexual Behavior App Hook-Ups Strip Clubs/Massage Parlors/Cam Girls/Use of Prostitutes Professional Sexual Misconduct Inappropriate Porn use/Illegal porn/Offending/Paraphilia Sexually Inappropriate Behavior Cybersex and Online affairs Emotional Affairs Obsession and Stalking relationships Boundary problems in the workplace Exhibitionism Substance abuse relapse instigated by sexual behavior and other sexual misbehaviors. ...as a Certified Sexual Misbehavior Professional. My unique level of insight in this specific issue brings skills that have clients create lasting change, faster improvements in self management, improved mood, and reduced recidivism. I have been studying and treating this from when persons would still seek illegal deviant material via US Mail. I have done program development, clinical assistance to other agencies, complex case consultation, development of theory, and the training and clinical supervision of other highly skilled sexual behavior experts. I developed and oversaw a Govt psychiatric outpatient sexual misbehavior program. I and my subordinates used “Good Lives Model”, a deep level of understanding of these behaviors, and a culturally informed perspective took into account the disorder, and culture that enabled it. There is no sexual misbehavior I have not seen a great many times, and no consequence that I have not seen many times. Although most “certifications” in sex addiction held by other clinicians are not issued by Universities or government, mine in fact are issued by Universities. Sexual Misbehavior is NOT to be treated with “Marriage” therapy. One person acted out, not two. I am brick and mortar Fordham U trained, state licensed in NY+CT+NJ+CA psychotherapist, certified by Ohio U also certified by U of Louisville, in this very issue. Please call me at 718-208-6135 if you would like help for your sexual misbehavior. Free twenty minute phone consult to see if I am right for you. James Foley 60 E 42nd St, New York, NY, 10165 www.sexuallycompulsive.com $300 per session no insurance


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