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In what ways do your life philosophy and treatment philosophy overlap?

Ever since I was a child, my life philosophy has been to ""Never give up"". My life experiences of challenge and struggle gave me a heart of empathy for others. In my journey, I learned that we can't'do this life alone, we need other people. My heart's desire to help people who have survived life's toughest challenges. This desire took me to launch a new career with a new purpose. Now i have the privilege of being a therapist. I have been told by clients that I am warm, caring, non-judgmental and funny. The truth is: I am inspired by them. And, as when I was a child, I don't give up on people". I believe there is much hope and healing in the recovery process. I am excited about the knowledge of how the brain heals, and ways we can support that. I tell you, again, ""Never give up."".

How do you determine therapy goals with clients? What does that process look like?

First we talk about the rationale behind setting goals; that each of us knows where the client wants to go on this journey,even the direction to go. I like to join people where they are in their present lives; asking what's going well, and what's challenging for them. It is important to explore their values, personal strengths, passions, and interests, past and present. that way, actually setting long and short term goals flows more easily. I like to ask ""What do you want?"", and ""What gets in the way of reaching those goals that is within your control?"'. We then explore these questions in a curious, open and non-judgmental way.

What does a first session with you look like?

I want to welcome my new client to therapy as we begin a relationship and a new experience. I like to explore what brought them in for therapy, and if they have had previous therapy experiences. i ask them what they like to do, and what they are good at. We explore what they are hoping to gain from therapy. I often describe the therapy partnership as this:" "We are driving a car together, you are the driver and I am the passenger with a brake and a gas pedal. We travel together getting to where you want to go."'





Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


General Expertise

Relationship Issues


Social Anxiety

Abuse/Survivors of abuse

Anger management

Attachment issues


Life coaching



First Session


Individual Therapy

Types of Therapy

Individual Session


Adults (25-65)

Treatment Approaches / Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Mindfulness Practices

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Person-Centered Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Training / Certifications

EMDR Certificate of Completion, Maiberger Institute

Institute for Family Professionals, Trauma Training

IFS-informed EMDR Training


PA, LCSW, CW018757


Master of Social Work, Clinical Social Work, Marywood University

Master of Education, Arcadia University

Work History

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pennsylvanian with almost 10 years of counseling experience. I have worked with adult individuals and groups around trauma healing, recovery, and empowerment. Many of these individuals have struggled most of their lives with anxiety, depression, and chronic PTSD. How does your past interfere with your present? And how might we improve the present through self-awareness, education and some coping skills? For clients who desire a deeper healing, I have found the therapies of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and EMDR to be helpful. these approaches have allowed many people to move beyond their past into a better present and future.


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