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What do you view as a key component of the therapeutic relationship?

I believe trust is a fundamental element in any relationship. This trust has to be developed and nurtured to remain genuine. Through trust other aspects important to the relationship can prosper such as comfort in being open, sincerity, and a willingness to change.

In what ways have your personal experiences influenced your work with your clients?

Through all of life’s changes I have learned that, even with the best of plans, things still do not always work out the way we would like. I have experienced many of the same issues as my clients so can relate to them on a personal basis. This has also allowed me to acquire an understanding of what clients may be going through even if I have not experienced the exact situation. Through any adversity there is no reason to feel alone.

What do you think is the biggest barrier today for people seeking care?

Time…there never seems to be enough of it. As a generalization, our society appears inclined to put self-care towards the bottom of the priority list. Collectively we are so busy that taking time to seek help with personal problems may not seem to be a good decision. Prior to tele health platforms being available scheduling, taking time off from work, and going to a therapists office was very time consuming. Now there is an avenue to allow access to quality care on your time no matter where you are located.





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Anger management

Compulsive behavior

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Young Adults (18-24)

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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TX, LPC, 11373

FL, Registered Telehealth Provider, 654

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Master of Arts, Dual Specialization in Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling, St. Marys University

Work History

I have been in private practice since 1992. Prior to that I worked with non-profit organizations.


1659 State Hwy 46 W, Suite 115-454, New Braunfels, 78132, TX