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In what ways do your life philosophy and treatment philosophy overlap?

In life, I am almost always unapologetically myself. I know who I am, and I want to make sure that I live up to that each day and with each interaction that I have. I know how freeing that has been for myself and I make sire that my clients have the skills to do that for themselves if they wish. I also make sure that my clients get to know who I am in our work together. I have a personality and that is of course going to come through in my sessions.

How does collaboration with other providers play into your work?

I LOVE to learn from my fellow clinicians. I have been so lucky to be surrounded with other practitioners who have always allowed me to learn from them as well as teach and educate and that is something is is irreplaceable. It is critical to always be learning and growing and expanding your own frame of reference as a therapist, which is why collaboration is critical.

Are there any recurring themes or issues you’ve noticed as you treat people in your area of specialization, and how has this insight guided your approach?

Societal pressures and the urge to "keep up" with others on social media is something I see often in my work specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations out there and that can be really damaging to any individual. In my work with clients, I remind them that they are the only ones in control of their life and that power comes with a renewed sense of confidence!



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I have worked in a number of different settings. I have worked with multiple online therapy platforms for the last 5 years, as well as proved in person individual, couples, family and group counseling.


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