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In what ways do your life philosophy and treatment philosophy overlap?

I want you to live your best life. I don't know what that is, and I want you to find the path yourself. I know that happiness is not always the goal, often we are just working towards being just ok. I think ok is a great place to experience. I have made choices and built a life that is often quite good. I definitely didn't start here, it took healing, my own therapy, and a willingness to brave change. I want to support you to find your path to living a life that you feel good about living. I want to find the "good enough" compromises that help you make the first steps towards the life you want. The chasm between who you are in this moment and who you want to be is always there, we are (as cliché as it is) all works in progress. We can take steps to shorten the distance between you in this moment and that idealized version of yourself. I believe in change and I will hold hope for you even you cannot connect to the idea that there is potential to be hopeful. I will be honest and, at times, downright pragmatic, and I will support you in becoming more of the individual you want to be from day to day. Whoever that individual is.

What do you view as a key component of the therapeutic relationship?

Genuineness. When I am in session with you, I am genuine. I do not always offer silver linings, there are so many situations in this life where holding on by your fingernails till things get better is the only choice. I will always tell you that how you feel is exactly how you should feel, no matter what the voices in your head say. I keep no secrets and I have no log of rights and wrongs that I don't tell you about. Everything is in session. When ruptures occur, I am always willing to admit my errors and forgive your errors. The safety of the therapeutic relationship is like the safety of none of your other relationships. I take that seriously and protect it. I want you to come in to session and know that all parts of you are welcome, even the ones that you don't like all that much yourself. And that when I miss the mark or say something that lands wrong, you can bring it back to me, in that moment or next session, and I will talk with you about it. Did you know that it is in conflict that relationships become stronger? If I can trust you to work through challenges with me, I know that conflict doesn't break relationships. I want you to know that conflict does not break therapeutic relationships, it offers the chance for growth and building trust.

What does a first session with you look like?

That depends on what you need. There are some hoops that I need to jump through to get our work street legal (and we don't have to start there), but outside of that, you have a lot of space to set the tone of what happens within the session. If the hoop jumping helps to calm you to start, we go there. If you have been holding on to too much and need to dump before we take on more pragmatic challenges, we start there. If you need direction, I'll ask more questions. If you want to know more about me and my background, I'll share. And I'll be honest about how doing therapy on video platforms is awkward. And that it's ok if you don't like me, I do have a personality and way of being in the room, and it's not for everyone. I want you to feel comfortable and safe, even if that means finding a different therapist who is a better fit. And we can always keep it light as we wade into this work. We don't have to start with heavy lifting. We can take the time to make sure you feel good to share. The first session is the start of a journey. We don't have to take on the heavy stuff till you are ready. I will not push you directions you don't want to go. You have a lot of power to determine how the first session feels.


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Masters Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Naropa University

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Like most of the professionals in this directory, I started in the world of nonprofits. I have worked in small community clinics serving individuals, couples, and families. Most recently I have been working with individuals who are served by county behavioral services; individuals who are struggling with significant mental health issues. I have served those with anxiety, depression, trauma, and relational challenges. All of these experiences have taught me to be creative and tailor my work for each individual, couple, and family.


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