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In what ways do your life philosophy and treatment philosophy overlap?

While therapy is my chosen career path, I am proud to say that I guide my clients in accordance to how I guide myself through troubling times. This consists of self-compassion, willingness to accept some discomfort in order to change, and being open to the beauty and benefits that come with vulnerability. I always prioritize my client during sessions and am comfortable with personal disclosure, but only if I feel it will benefit my client. Therapy is effective when you are ready to see yourself as you are--it is at this point that you are truly ready to face what is not working. And I love this point when we are able to collaborate so you can achieve YOUR best self.

If there was one thing you wish people knew about the therapy experience who might be hesitant to try it, what would that be?

Just one thing? I love what I do because I know therapy works. But it only works if you do! And I know that if a person is looking into therapy, thinking about therapy, AND also nervous about starting therapy, this is 100% normal. This is actually a sign that you are in touch with the present moment of looking into therapy in the first place. Most of us fear the unknown, most of us have self-doubt, but it is your choice if you allow this thought to stop you from embarking on a journey of positive change. So, you can feel the self doubt AND choose to enter therapy-this is the true definition of empowerment. I wish more people knew that their mind is not usually there to guide them in the right direction, so you don’t need to act on every thought that enters your mind (including the avoidance of making this therapy appointment). It keeps popping up for a reason, and the more one avoids discomfort, the more discomfort usually appears. Therapy is 100% confidential (as long as there is no actual plan or intention for harm) and having an unbiased partner to guide and connect with during difficult times is really the ultimate form of self-care…..and you are worth it!

How do you determine therapy goals with clients? What does that process look like?

Developing therapy goals is extremely collaborative and I will meet you where you are at. I first streamline a psychosocial history so we can really focus on what brings you into therapy now. While circumstances from the past often play a role in what you are presenting in therapy, I try to help you stay grounded during our sessions so you can really get to the core of what you are doing today-what’s working and what’s not working so we can develop the best strategies to get you to where you want to be. We will work on “uncollapsing” your past so you can see that life is not one long book but rather composed of many chapters that do have an ending. By the end of our first session, my goal is to help you determine therapy goals that are specific and measurable, and I am happy to serve as your accountability partner. The therapy goals are set in session, but acted upon in between sessions. It is only with the action that we can evaluate in session what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to be changed. This is my motto for life--we evaluate, never judge our progress.


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FL, LMHC, MH7269


MA, Clinical Psychology, University of Central Florida

Work History

My career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor began 20 years ago as a Crisis Therapist on an inpatient unit. This was primarily intensive and crisis-oriented therapy, with group therapy being a primary component. My clients were either suicidal or had attempted suicide, had severe depression, psychosis, post traumatic stress, and/or drug addiction. Soon after, I transitioned to seeing adults for individual therapy as well as Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services. I also expanded my practice to family therapy and saw children in the elementary, middle, and high-school setting. My success with children was largely dependent on the level of family involvement in therapy. I also worked with clients struggling with addiction and ran Safety Council Groups for those that had received a DUI. My approach to therapy is client-centered and I pull from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The approach is largely based on what would benefit each individual client/couple the most after our initial therapy session together. Today, I practice fully online and see both individuals and couples. I have successfully received Certification for Completion for Level 1 and Level 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy and this is the primary therapy approach I use when I see couples. I have been blessed to see some pretty amazing transformations when a couple is truly committed to doing the work that therapy entails. Online mental health teletherapy allows a face-to-face session to take place, while also giving you the flexibility to attend wherever there is internet access. Overall, I help you to see that managing the stressor is more important than just managing the stress as it will allow you to cope with anything that comes your way.


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